Lessons Cover Page

cover page lessons

Lessons Cover Page This simple but attractive cover features a blue, yellow and white color palette. It is perfect to fulfill its function as a cover for any English work we have in hand. If we remove the image that refers to English, we can use it for another work that we see that can … Read more

United States Cover Page

united states cover page

United States Cover Page Simple cover page designed for all kinds of works, projects and courses related to English. It is characterized by its background, in which we can find a large part of the United States flag. You can see another design of this cover page, taking a look at its sister, the United … Read more

London Cover Page

London Cover Page

London Cover Page The London cover is intended to be used for assignments and notebooks for English-related subjects. As you can see, the image of blue that we can find at the bottom, has some of the most iconic elements of the city of London. In the English cover pages section, you can find more … Read more

Cover Page Franjas Azules

cover page franjas azules

Cover Page Franjas Azules Cover decorated with a set of bands of different shades of blue, which give the cover a neutral and professional tone. This type of cover can be used in virtually all academic papers. It is perfect for those works that you do not know how to approach. In this case, it … Read more

Cover Page Words

cover page words

Portada Words The Words cover is intended to be used for assignments and notebooks for language or language-related subjects. It stands out for the background of words in different languages, typographies and style. Its main color palette is black, gray and white. Apart from the background image, you can customize all the elements, including the … Read more

Cover Page Idioms

cover page idioms

Cover Page Idioms Cover in a somewhat more childish style, with a light blue background and coral-colored letters. The drawing of teenagers speaking different languages stands out at the bottom of the cover. This cover is intended to be used in children’s work or notebooks, which maintain a relationship with languages, in this case Spanish. … Read more

Cover Page Letters

cover page letters

Cover Page Letters The cover has a background image, composed of a collage of letters of different colors mixed together. This image gives the cover a more youthful and fresh character. This cover is designed to be used in works or language subjects, for example for subjects such as Spanish or English. It is fully … Read more

Books II Cover page

portada books II libretas de ingles

Books II Cover page Simple cover, which as you can see has an image with books with different elements that indicate that they are in English. Its main color palette is pink and white. Visit the English covers section to find a wider variety of designs. This cover was created to be used in English … Read more