Mountains Cover page

Cover with a background image of the peaks of a mountain, in which they stand out thanks to the pink and bluish colors of the sunset.

This cover can be used for all types of work, however, it is ideal for work related to nature. It has a small text box at the bottom, in which we can enter the personal data considered.

The background is made up of a single image, so it cannot be edited. Only text blocks can be modified. We can change the design of the title and the text box.

Mountains cover page

Cover technical specifications

Name: Mountains
Size:9,61 Mb / background image obtained from

⚠The covers that you can find in, with their own authorship, are for personal and non-transferable use. Therefore, its commercialization and download on other platforms other than is totally prohibited⚠

How to edit covers from Drive?Icono de Validado por la comunidad

In order to edit the covers in Google Docs to our liking, we must first make a copy of the document, since it cannot be edited directly. To do this, we must go to the File tab of the document, and there select “Make a copy”. Once the copy is made, it is now possible to make the desired changes to it.

Modify the covers to your likingIcono de Validado por la comunidad

In all our free Word covers, you will be able to modify the text boxes to your own liking, both the font, the style or the size.

Keep in mind that depending on the cover in question, you will be able to modify the design to a greater or lesser extent. In the “customizable” section you will find three different levels of customization. Not customizable, partially customizable and yes customizable.

The cover design is the one that we have considered most appropriate, but after downloading, you have complete freedom to modify them to your own liking.

Remember to check the requirementsIcono de Validado por la comunidad

We always remember to check if there are any prerequisites when making the cover or cover for the subject in question. Since we can find a project at the university, or in any academic center, in which we do not have total freedom when making its cover.

Download the covers in the safest wayIcono de Validado por la comunidad

🔒 We believe that security is very important, both for you and for us. Therefore, on this page, we take all the necessary security measures and host our covers on Mediafire and on the Google Drive platform. In this way, we can guarantee that the downloads are totally secure, and our content remains protected against any type of attack.

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