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How to make Geography covers

Tastes as well as needs may vary depending on the type of person, so there is a possibility that our Geography cover designs do not quite fit with the type of cover you need. Therefore, in the following video we leave you a tutorial on how to make a geography cover by hand step by step.

Portadas Geofrafía

Material to improve your knowledge of geography

Geography, as we already know, is the science that studies the relationship between society and space. Just like history, in many occasions, it is difficult for us to remember all the events that have happened, or we forget where the country we heard about for the first time the other day was located. For these reasons, to begin to empathize with geography, we recommend the following books and balls of the world.

Recommended balls of the world

The world balls are really useful to start knowing the continents, countries and cities of our planet. Besides, having them in the writing of the room, always helps to memorize better where each country is located and the distribution of these. See for yourself!

globo terraqueo interactivo clementoni

Globo terráqueo interactivo. Clementoni

globo terráqueo en ingles

Globo terráqueo en inglés (14 cm)

globo terráqueo en ingles negro 20cm

Globo terráqueo en ingles (20 cm)

Recommended geography books

Of course, atlas and round-the-world books that help us to discover our wonderful planet in more depth are a must.

portada del libro de la historia del mundo en mapas

La historia del mundo en mapas (atlas ilustrado)

portada del libro atlas del mundo

Un insólito viaje por las mil curiosidades y maravillas del mundo

portada del libro la vuelta al mundo con playmobil

La vuelta al mundo con Playmobil

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