Fotograma Cover Page

fotograma cover page

Fotograma Cover Page This cover follows an aesthetic style. It is formedby different images, imitating a broken style, which together end up composing a silhouette from different perspectives. Its color palette is black and white. The covers of this style, usually look great as the main cover in our notebook of any subject. Remember that … Read more

Lolipop Cover Page

lolipop cover page

Lolipop Cover Page Very colorful cover with a background image of wavy lines in different colors. This cover can be used for all types of work. It has a text box at the top for the main title, and another one at the bottom to enter the student’s data. The background is composed of a … Read more

Cover Page Selva

portada selva

Cover Page Selva Aesthetic style cover, with a background composed of different planes of tropical plant leaves. Its color palette is green and white. This type of cover is perfect to be used as the main cover of our notebook of any subject. We remind you that you can find a small collection of covers … Read more

Cover Page Sky

cover page sky

Portada Sky This aesthetic style cover depicts the sky using different images. It uses a palette of different blue and white colors, reflecting purity and freedom. This kind of covers are perfect to be used as the main cover of our notebooks. You can find a small collection of covers of this same style, in … Read more

Tropic Cover page

caratula tropic

Tropic cover page Cover of tropical style, in which we can find a wide variety of colors, with abstract shapes and floral motifs. It is mainly composed of pastel colors. It is intended to be used as a cover for works that do not require a certain formality or as a cover for notebooks. You … Read more

Selfie Cover

portada aesthetic selfie

Selfie Cover Aesthetic style cover, which as we can see combines different types of elements, disparate from each other, among which a certain harmony of beauty is achieved. We have a small section to enter the data we consider, such as name and date for example. Visit the aesthetic covers section to find a wider … Read more