ADN Cover Page

cover pagea ADN

ADN Cover Page Cover in which we can appreciate the presence of the DNA symbol. Its main color palette is light blue, white and dark gray tones. This cover is intended to be used in works, notebooks and projects related to biology. Although it can always be used for related subjects. The elements of the … Read more

Lessons Cover Page

cover page lessons

Lessons Cover Page This simple but attractive cover features a blue, yellow and white color palette. It is perfect to fulfill its function as a cover for any English work we have in hand. If we remove the image that refers to English, we can use it for another work that we see that can … Read more

Red Lighting Cover Page

red lighting cover page

Red Lighting Cover Page Modern style cover that transmits a lot of power and energy. It has a red lightning bolt in the center that gives it that strength. This color combines with the white background and the black lateral stripe. This type of cover can be used for works that seek to transmit these … Read more

Newtreal Cover Page

newtral cover page

Portada Newtral Modern style cover, with a white and blue color palette. The blue stripes with shadows, give it its personality of a modern cover with character. This type of covers are usually very useful for different types of university and academic papers in general. In this cover it is possible to modify all the … Read more

Cover Page Franjas Azules

cover page franjas azules

Cover Page Franjas Azules Cover decorated with a set of bands of different shades of blue, which give the cover a neutral and professional tone. This type of cover can be used in virtually all academic papers. It is perfect for those works that you do not know how to approach. In this case, it … Read more

Cover Page Franjas Azules II

conver page franzas azules

Cover Page Franjas Azules II Cover with a palette of blue and gray colors. The background image with different letters, gives it a touch that gives it more personality. This type of cover fits very well with literature and language-related topics. If we want to use it for any other task, we can remove the … Read more

Cover Page Postmodern II

portada postmodern II

Portada Postmodern II Caratula inspirada en el arte postmoderno. En este caso, su franja lateral, formada por diferentes tipos de triรกngulos, es la que le aporta su personalidad. Su paleta de colores estรก compuesta por el amarillo, color coral, azul, lila y rosa, todos en tono pastel. ร‰sta se pueda utilizar para distintos tipos de … Read more

Cover Page Mathematics Formulas

cover page maths formulas

Cover Page Mathematics Formulas Cover in which dark colors predominate, with more than half of the screen of a grayish black, a small and striking red stripe in the upper left, and with an image at the bottom of the cover with a black background of formulas in white. It is perfect for subjects and … Read more