Fractal Cover page

Cover with a background image of dark colors, in which we can appreciate how the halos of light are replicated at different scales. It has a brief text below the title in case you wish to add any additional comments.

It has been designed to be used for works related to science or mathematics. However, if you find a project in which it can fit, you can use it without any problem. You can find more covers of this type in the Mathematics covers section.

All visible elements of this cover can be modified. The design of the brain is an image that can be moved without any problem.

cover page fractal

Cover technical specifications

Name: Fractal
Size:1,91 Mb / background image obtained from

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Modify the covers as you like

In all our free Word cover pages, you will be able to modify the text boxes to your own taste, whether the font, style or size.

Note that depending on the cover page, you will be able to modify the design to a greater or lesser extent. In the “customizable” section you will find three different levels of customization. Not customizable, partially customizable and customizable.

The cover design is the one we have considered most appropriate, but after downloading it, you are free to modify it to your own taste.

Remember to check the requirements

We always remember to check if there are any prerequisites when making the cover page or cover page for the subject in question. Since we can find ourselves with a project in the university, or in any academic center, in which we do not have total freedom at the time of realizing its cover.

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